THE expression wall

|   Outcome

A first of its kind, custom creation that results in a personalized expression that reflects the user's individuality and that allows them to express and share their authentic selves through written thoughts and artistic images.

|   Opportunity

Deloitte University wanted to activate their campus in Texas to reflect the innovative thinking they always strive towards by adding an installation that would be as unique as their audience.


The Expression Wall is a playful surface that allows you to express yourself in many different ways. You can engage from a distance as your body movement triggers colorful animations. In expression mode, you can move abstract color around with your hands. In drawing mode, you are prompted with a question that you can answer in written or drawn form. 

This unique touch surface was created with 100 procedurally generated slats of plexiglas which are backlit by LED light. The natural flex of the plexiglas provides a surprising and delightful surface for drawing.

The Expression Wall is an ongoing installation at Deloitte University gives attendees a way to express themselves. Each expression is stored in an ever growing gallery that reflects the moods, opinions and interests of D.U. attendees.

UX Flow

  1. Attract State
    As people walk through, their silhouette will light up and follow them across the display. The responsive graphics let's the user immediate know that the wall is interactive.
  2. Active/Prompt State
    Once people stop in the center of the wall and are actively engaged, the question is posed to them. As they draw, animations are triggered by their movement, direction, and speed, making each answer unique and personalized to each user.
  3. Sharing & Gallery
    Once the user finishes their response, the system will replay their piece. This allows the user with enough time to take a picture of the work they’ve just done and share it with their friends and family using the corresponding hashtag for the installation. Once a new entry is recorded, it will be added to the response gallery.
  4. Idle State

    Displays the prompt of the day and cycles through all the answers users have written. The more people write, more answers will show up. This state is triggered when no user activity is picked up by the installation. 


UI Design

There are a total of ten (10) color palettes to pick from. Each theme has two versions:

● Drawing

● Free Expression

Administrators can choose what color theme to associate with each prompt when they add/edit them in the system. Drawing has a prompt associated with it for users to respond to, Free Expression leaves the canvas blank for students to let their creativity fly. 



Category: UX, UI and motion design

Creative Direction: Red Paper Heart

My role: Interactive Art Director

Date: January 2018

Personal Highlight: My sister always jokes and says i make fancy walls for a living. I'm never going to be able to live this down.