Interactive Window Displays

|   Outcome

We decided to create two stand-alone windows that compliment each other. One Fast. One Slow. Both a reflection of our "right now."

|   Opportunity

We were tasked with creating two interactive window displays around the theme of time. 

The windows were displayed from November 8 - 14, 2016 at the Skirball Center for the Performing Arts windows on Laguardia Pl and W 3rd St in Greenwich Village in Manhattan. 


Blink of an eye

Blink of an Eye flashes your life before your eyes. Your Instagram life. By texting the number listed on the window your Instagram account (ie: @tasteofstreep), the eye will blink and flash your images to give you a glimpse back into your past. 



Loading is a tangible interpretation of the time spent waiting for our technology. The dreaded "wheel of death" is taken out of your screen and made physical in this installation. With a simple interaction, you can push the 'start' button to give the work one last nudge and help the screen finish loading what is now a common medium that is used for digital communication: gifs. 


For the Blink of an Eye Installation, a stand-alone landing page was designed and coded to describe the concept, mechanics and team members. 

To check out the live version, click here


- Maker Project Lab:  Maker Update #15

-Danniel Shiffman's Coding Rainbow YouTube Channel: ITP 2016 Winter Show

Category: design, graphic design, fabrication, digital fabrication, programming, fullstack javascript, physical computing

Date: November 2016

Toolkits: Node.js, Twillio, Arduino, Rhino, CNC router, Illustrator, Photoshop, paper craft

Collaborators: Kritchaya Twitchsri, Wipawe Sirikolkarn, Emmanuel Klein 

Personal Highlight: I've always had a weird fascination with eyes, and seeing this giant one come to life and be so striking was an amazing feeling


Visual inpiration