Subreddit Tarot is a tarot deck made out of reddit subreddits. 

Based on the 22 major arcanas of a regular tarot deck, Subreddit Tarot uses existing and popular subreddits to tell your future in the hyperconnected world of today. 

See how your future looks like through the internet lens.

IMG_1300 2.JPG

Subreddits like /r/corgibutts or /r/deadbedrooms were used to create the deck. We scoured reddit to find the ones that we felt suited better individually as cards, but also made the deck well-balanced and cohesive as a whole.


We used the basic three-card method for reading the deck. The cards signify past, present and future, and also tell an overarching story together based on the order and combination drawn. 


If you're interested in purchasing a deck, please visit our Etsy store here or send me an email


Category: design, graphic design, internet

Date: November 2016

Toolkits: Illustrator, Photoshop

Collaborators: Dana Abrassart