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MEX Design Talk

MEX Design Talk

"When We Die doesn't address those questions directly. Instead, it gets at them with an acknowledgement of death as a potentially positive experience. There's an inherent belief that dying is depressing... But as the VR experience reveals, the tragedy of death isn't true for all".


Crossfader Magazine
"I’m not completely writing off VR... That said, there is way to do it right: On the single-player side, NYU student project WHEN WE DIE is using the walls of virtual reality to craft meditative spaces... The isolation, discomfort, and reduced sensory experience of the VR headset is all part of the design... these games are aware that between the player and the game is a third thing. For the future of the medium, true innovation will be a matter of deepening that third thing, making it more accessible, more interesting, more human—not wiping it out of existence."


"Taking inspiration from that part of the Tarot, Paula Ceballos and Dana Abrassart created /r/YourFuture, a deck of cards with a set of 22 new major arcana, based on major subreddits... Just as you need a spirit guide to unpack the insights of the Reddit Tarot, Ceballos told us that the website itself is much the same. A new redditor starting at the front page will be overwhelmed... you need to have someone who really knows Reddit in order to take you through it".

Selected Press

Communication Arts Interactive Awards 2018
Blink of an Eye: Shortlist // Divine pixels: Shortlist
View shortlist Here.

Art of Dying Exhibition
An Exhibition of Creative Death Awareness curated by John Wadsworth
More info Here. Oct--Dec 2017

The Sociable
"Virtual Reality Takes Consciousness Research into Mystic Realms of the Divine Play" by Tim Hinchliffe. 
Read Here. June 2017

Signal 2017: the developer conference by Twilio
"Code is Creative" Event. Description Here. May 2017
$BASH Wrap Party. Description Here. May 2017

WCVB Boston
"Religion: Millennials Looking Elsewhere" 
Watch Here. April 2017

MEX Design Talk podcast
"Design Talk 32. Death in VR" with Marek Pawlowski. 
Listen Here. April 2017

Harvard Divinity School (HDS)
"Brining Consciousness to Virtual Reality" by Michael Naughton. 
Read Here. April 2017

"Exploring death through the isolation of VR" by Mona Lalwani.
Read Here. Feb. 2017

Crossfader Magazine
"What 'VR' gets wrong about reality, virtual or otherwise" by Jimmy Evans. 
Read Here. Feb. 2017

The Coding Train YouTube Channel
"ITP 2016 Winter Show" by Daniel Shiffman.  
Watch Here. Dec. 2016

Maker Project Lab
"Maker Update #15: Cocktail Robotics and Laser Cats" by Donald Bell. 
Watch Here. Dec. 2016

"This Company Securely Stores Computer Epidemics Inside Lab Test Tubes.  And eight more projects we dug at New York's second internet black market, in Queens" by Brady Dale
Read Here. Nov. 2016