| Outcome

Two different designs for A/B Testing that will be revised and updated after consumer insights to get them ready for launch.

| Opportunity

ParKarma needed a site redesign for their upcoming launch (and possible feature in Shark Tank!)

What is Parkarma?

ParKarma believes that parking sucks, people don't. That's why they exist! The first service to offer pay-it-forward parking. Earn karma by helping neighbors snag a parking spot, that then you can use to snag a spot of your own later on. Because this is Chicago parking, improved. 

The image on the right is the original site design


Competitive audit


In a category (parking assistant apps) without a clear winner, there is still a need for lightening quick education on basic functionality.
I / we chose to mirror the structure, layout and navigation of existing options, allowing for the app itself to be a more noticeable point of difference.

[Both options are currently being tested and a final design will be optimized once results are received]


Category: UX UI Design

Date: June 2018

Toolkits: Sketch, Photoshop, Illustrator

Personal Highlight: Being able to apply UX to a very real problem (traffic and parking in metropolitan areas) and see the benefits!