Méroir takes inspiration from Jacque Lacan's concept of méconaissance. Coming from combination of the French words mé-- (equivalent to the prefix "un") and miroir ("mirror"), méroir is an "unmirror" that makes you take a closer look and think twice about what we might take for granted in our day-to-day life. 

Méroir is an installation that challenges the three great mainstays of the human experience: our visual system, our sense of self, and our perception of time. When the user sits in front of it, the only thing they see is their reflection. But as time passes their reflection will sometimes 'glitch out' or distort, creating a double take and sense of wonderment in regards to what they're seeing.

Category: illusions, digital fabrication

Date: May 2016

Toolkits: Isadora, Illustrator, laser cutter

Collaborators: Jordan Frand,  Nicole He