Moving Buddy

| Outcome

A site, mobile app and chrome extension focused on easing the anxiety that comes with moving to New York City. 

|   Opportunity

To create a web or mobile experience centered around a pain point specific to millennials. 

Moving Buddy is a site, mobile app, and chrome extension that leverages user's social media connections to help them find the perfect place to live in New York City by using their personal network to find neighborhood gurus and get real, current, and relevant advice from people they know and trust. 


the process

This is the project evolution, from rough territories to the final focused concept. The project began with the goal to relieve some of the anxiety young professionals feel, and through refinement and user research we landed on creating a mobile app and chrome extension that addresses the pain points of moving to New York City. 


sketches and early prototypes




The landing page has information about the app and chrome extension, as well as the ability to log into the users account to take the quiz or see the neighborhoods they got matched with. 


Mobile App

The mobile app is the nucleus of the triad. When initially setting up an account, the user will take a quiz about their personality and what they're looking for in an apartment. They will then be matched to neighborhoods, and by connecting their social media accounts, the app will link them with connections that know the areas and can give recommendations.  


Chrome Extension

The third piece of Moving Buddy is a chrome extension. When looking for an apartment using any third party site (ie: streeteasy, naked apartments, etc), the user can click on the Moving Buddy chrome extension to see which of their friends live in that neighborhood, what they think, and what they would recommend.

Category:  UX design, UX research, visual design

Date: December 2016

Toolkits: Illustrator, Photoshop,, invision, sketch

Collaborators: Kritchaya Twitchsri

Personal Highlight: to be able to see the full UX process from start to finish and love everything about it