Modular Content management System (cms) template


A modular CMS template for all future installations that is customizable based on media, complexity and other specifications


ESI Design wanted to move their development in-house and set up a streamlined system that would allow them to pair their future installations with a corresponding bespoke CMS based on specific needs

CMStemplate_ Mockup.jpg

Internal audit

We began the process by taking an audit of the existing Content Management Systems already created for previous installations, and determining the main features for each, recurrent themes and overall complexities. 




The Creative Technology team came together and listed everything we needed for a modular CMS to be successful. From there, the iterations started. We treated them as mini design sprints, with a new iteration done within a week to a week and a half, meeting with the team, tweaking and going back to the drawing board. We ended with the high fidelity prototype, ready to be implemented to do a full working prototype.


Category:  UX

Client: ESI Design

My role: UX Designer

Date: July 2018

Personal Highlight: Working on the grown-up version of a lego set