Often times, artists find themselves stuck with the "blank page curse." Few things are as intimidating or inspiring as an empty canvas. 
After finding myself creatively stuck, I decided to dig into this challenge. It seems most research points to the importance of getting started. Making a first stroke of the brush, writing the first word, and stepping into the messy void of creating something new. 

My solution is a game.

Doodle Chain is a platform that counteracts creative quicksand by providing the starting point of a drawing. You need to complete or add to the drawing, and once finished hit "done & save." The doodle you started with will disappear, and what you drew will remain on the screen for the next user to come and add to the project. 

As more users participate in the game, more drawings get added to the chain. You can hit "play doodles" to see this evolution and see what happened before you came into play!

Learn about my process here

Category: Programming

Date: December 2015

Toolkits: P5.js