This is the BearBooth. 

Think of it as a photo booth built to surprise and delight.

It is simply a curious black box from the outside, but once the user places their face inside, the system is triggered and a world of singing, seemingly ad infinitum, mechanical bears delight. In attempt to capture that moment of surprise, a hidden camera snaps a photo. The user only is only able to see the photo afterwards, wherein they realize they have become part of the bear milieu. 

Created in partnership with Dana Abrassart, the BearBooth is a physical computing project that incorporates soft circuitry, serial communication between Arduino and a computer using Javascript. The bears are mounted on servo motors.

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Category: physical computing, fabrication, soft circuitry, serial communication, programming

Date: December 2015

Toolkits: Arduino, P5.js

Collaborators: Dana Abrassart