|   Outcome

A surprising and delightful experience in which users peek inside a box and get transported into a different world of singing bears

|   Opportunity

To use physical computing to create a unique experience

This is the BearBooth. 

Think of it as a photo booth built to surprise and delight.

It is simply a curious black box from the outside, but once the user places their face inside, the system is triggered and a world of singing, seemingly ad infinitum, mechanical bears delight. In attempt to capture that moment of surprise, a hidden camera snaps a photo. The user only is only able to see the photo afterwards, wherein they realize they have become part of the bear milieu. 

BearBooth is a physical computing project that incorporates soft circuitry, serial communication between Arduino and a computer using Javascript. The bears are mounted on servo motors.

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Category: physical computing, fabrication, soft circuitry, serial communication, programming

Date: December 2015

Toolkits: Arduino, P5.js

Collaborators: Dana Abrassart

Personal Highlight: turning people into bears!

The Process

From initial rough prototype to finished piece