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Experiential Designer and Creative Producer with a background in digital products and physical experiences, and a passion for design.

After 5 years in project management and agency life, I moved to NYC for a masters program in emerging interactive technology. I am a polished visual storyteller, creative problem solver, and inventive prototyper; and my work focuses on empathy, surprise and delight.
I love working with the weird and new. I can build relationships with both clients and internal teams, understand timelines and budgets, and I am a champion for the creative work.

I am currently an adjunct faculty member at ITP at NYU, where I received my Master's degree.

My projects have been featured/recognized in the Communication Arts Interactive Awards 2018 Shortlist, Engadget, Crossfader magazine, Signal: Twilio's Developer conference, The Sociable, Harvard Divinity School, MEX Design Podcast, Observer, and more.

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